Which YOYO


Sory for wrong type of topic first and guys i couldnt deciede which yoyo i should buy but there is a something you need to know about this topic this will going be my first profesionel yoyo and i play it for 3 weeks and i can do kwiibo a half becausemy yoyo stops(its blazing teens L3) and i search some and i found 5 yoyos which one is the best if you share your opinion with me i will be glad thank you


First, this should be in the looking for help/recommendation section.

Second, we can’t help you unless we know what yoyos you are looking at.


Your right, but he also has one is the looking for help section. Soooooo dont move this mods!!!
And dont get the cliff.


How’d ya know I was gonna get a cliff?


I believe its CLYW


This is a little late lol, but I meant for the guy who made the post