which yoyo

hey guys im looking for a decent yoyo between $60-$80. please leave some suggestions.

Pretty much any yoyo in that range is worth the money, but if you reeeally want a recomendation, you could go with the YoyoFactory DV888. It’s a pretty versatile yoyo with a big gap.

If the DV888 doesn’t suit your preferences, you could always try a yoyojam premium line yoyo. Those are great.

But may I suggest buying a couple different yoyos to get you into other styles of play, like A couple of sunset trajectories, and a bigyo to get into 2A and 4A, and possibly getting a cheap line YYF and a set of counterweights for 5A play? Just a suggestion.

the DV888 is a good choice. Sunsets are too but the are for looping. Don’t worry about the bigyo. Just get something similar to the DM you already have. Like a meteor or axiom. Stick with 1a and/or 2a.

my friends say i should get an YYJ X-Convict do u think i should get it. ???

That is an awesome yoyo too. Go for it.
this just means you can buy a cheaper yoyo with it like a protostar.

i would get a BOSS… IMO one of the best throws ever…

Yoyojams have never dissappointed me. I like my xconvict, but my true favorite is my hitman hybrid.