What Yo-yo should I get?

Hello, I was wondering what aluminum Yo-Yo I should get for advanced and unresponsive play? For under $60?

I dont know about under 60 dollars but add 5 dollars and you have many great yoyos in Yoyofactory’s line up of FundaMetals to choose from

look around on the BST OR check out YYJ’s section in the Shop. I would say to give a Dv888 a try due to the special summer price but I don’t know if there are any still in stock lol

Also, for future reference look through the forums, there is a section called Looking for Help/Recommendations post topics like this there. :smiley:

The YYF ProtoStar / PGMV2 is yelling at ur face.
get one

Maybe try a yuuksta or dingo

I would get a protostar and a legacy cause they both play amazing