Which Yoyo?

I have a 50 - 75 dollar price range, though I am willing to stretch it for the 888x and maybe for other yoyos, but nothing over 100.

What are some of your preferences? Without knowing some info on what type of style you like you might as well choose randomly.

Also, you might want to look at your throws that you have right now and note some things that you like and don’t like. Compact that info and choose away!

Hope this Helps!

I like a smaller yoyo(I have small hands) and a wide gap. I also like a dead smooth yoyo. Which yoyo should I get?

Heavy cream.

I have played a couple and they have all been amazing. But, 2 have had a small vibe. So if you need a dead smooth yoyo I would go for the California.

For that preferences - YYF BOSS !!!

i’d say go with the beysick. i’ve been using them for about a month now and i absolutely love them. they’re not fancy or flashy in any way but they’re serious players

I did a bit of research and YYE said the 888x was really smooth. Is it smoother than the California? Why has nobody said anything about the Campfire? ???

I narrowed the comparisons down between the Campfire and the California. I like the shape of the Campfire, but the California is cheaper and has a wider gap. What do you guys think I should get?