Which yoyo under 100$?

Hello I want to know which yoyo you would prefer the most under or 100$. I am planning to get some flowable silicone and a difeyo kk bearing. So which one? Thanks! ;D ;D


Your prefrence?
Theres a lot under $100 throw, 888x, axiom, meteor, eneme, genesis, severe, etc.
If you just asking what most of the people get, the list is most likely endless. As you know how diverse the community is.
So, itll back to your prefrence. What do you like from a yoyo?
Also, in addition of a kk, it maybe make the yoyo feel even better.

Me? I will get a severe or 888x.

Thx I prefer smaller yoyos that fit in your hand and your pockets well. Well not mighty flea small but you know what i mean. Not too bulky. Anyways I love grinding. Arm grinds, fingers grinds and expecially thumb grinds. : D

888x or boss from yyf might be good for you.
Axiom from yyj is also superb.
They are small, fit nicely in hand and grind well. Play amazing.
But if you really want a pocket yoyo, i heard the dingo from one drop is top notch.

Hehe funny but anyways I want to thank you A LOT!! U HELPED ME SO MUCH!! I will probly get axiom since my friends already got boss. But he hasn’t let me try cause he loves it so much. If I get axiom with kk bearing or 888x stock. I hear so many good things about 888x i dont even care im gonna play it stock and my budget is 100$ anyways lol Or mayb kk bearing with beysick

I would get a Gorylla 411.
KKs are not needed because they center your string.
If you throw well enough then you shouldnt need a KK.
The Gorylla is undersized, and grinds very well.

888x is great undesize yoyo, even as stock.
The axiom has similar play with the 888, due to the undersize nature.
Oh, and the bay-sick use a D-size (Hspin) bearing, remember it when you decide to buy the kk.

I say you wont go wrong with any.
Glad i can help you.

Hehe I’ve decided to get Beysick but what bearing???

What’s wrong with the stock one that comes with the Beysick?

Nothing I was just wondering If I shuld get anothe one like a yyf spec bearing. Anyways my final choices are Dv888 VS. Beysick. 70% beysick 30% dv888.

Watcha think of my final choices :wink: ?

i say the prodject2

get the beysick because the Dv888 is almost a clechet. i know that isn’t a physical reason, but try other companies and i promise you won’t regret it.

i know this isn’t a choice anymore, but don’t get an 888x. it is a great yoyo, fits you well EXCEPT you cant thumb grind. the boss is exactly like it but without hubstacks.

I would go with the 88 if I were you. Sounds like it would fit you perfectly.

You would rather go with the Dv888 or 888x?

So you diceded to but a baysick then.
Ive never play with one, but i say go for it. All Hspin yoyo after the cut is amazing, im sure the baysick is also amazing.
About the bearing, as i said before, it use a D bearing, which is smaller than the C that normal dv888 use. Notice that the gap is slightly narrower than a C bearing yoyo, but thus allowed a tighter bind.
I belive it comes with a hybrid bearing. In my opinion, this bearing spin better than yyf spec, but it still a flat bearing.

I really think Beysick might not perform as well as the other ones BUT Ill go with what I want and I think I want the Beysick. And it comes with socks 2:D


You also going for hitman then.
Go for it if you want them.

Yeah, the socks from Hspin, thosa are preety neat idea.