100 bucks which yoyo?

I am willing to spend 100 dollars on a yoyo maximum. i would like an all-rounded one. If there are any suggestions, please reply.

all rounded… i say 888x

i appreciate your suggestion, but i have it already… how about i make a list of ones i already have.
no. 9, northstar, 888x, ilyy fury, pyro light, hitman, speedmaker.

For my $100 I would probably get a Gorylla. And a Kickside, and an FHZ, and some silicone stickers. Yeah. And spend the rest on strings…

Have Fun,

Might I suggest:

Yomerica Spindustries Planet 9

I highly suggest waiting for the Essence.

The odds of him being able to buy one before they are sold out is SLIM to NONE. I wouldn’t even bother considering it. They are going to be extremely limited.

  1. Just got mine yesterday. the side effects make it a great all around yoyo

Boss and 54 seem great

i want to know more about this ‘essence’.

If I were you, Id get the SuperNova Lite, or the Battosai. :wink:

maybe a YoYo Factory Chaotic my friend just got one and it’s really smooth, well rounded, sleeps long, and it performs well.

last two people who posted, none of those are rounded, yet all good choices.

i just got an essence B+ grade, and generalyo is amazing. the hatrick was one of my all time favorites, and then i got bored because it was two perfect and traded it for a punchline (punchline has more character, the hatrick was just too perfect). i got the essence and it plays like a bigger and heavier hatrick without the ability to play matador. it is a little big and heavy, but it is a great yoyo.

also, the 54 is amazing. i would also recommend the E1NS. not many people have them, but they play super smooth (though they play a little heavy).

YYF Boss- Great rounded yoyo, lots of rim weight for increased stability and spin times. it sort of plays like a real stable 888x. plus you’ll have $15 left over for an extra bearing or maybe some string.

give us ur most narrowed down preferances

i chose and purchased the supernova lite. this conversation is officially over.

i would actually like to add one more post to this conversation. i recieved my yoyo due to their amazing shipping and i am pleased. the supernova light is a wonderful all rounded yoyo. very good at being stable, fast, smooth, and long spinning. i also save 15 bucks for a konkave bearing. look at my example and consider getting the supernova light.

54 or yuuksta + string