Which yoyo to buy

I have some experience with an aoda yoyo and want a better one
Should I get the:
YYF shutter 45$(I’ll buy a terrapin x bearing ceramic delta-cut)
Werrd Hour 65$
One Drop Benchmark V

I’d say Werrd Hour.

I can’t really help you in the recommendation sense of things but I would like to say something. The bearing you have in any of those yoyo’s will work just fine. Buying that fancy bearing will not help you play whatsoever. Yes you may prefer that bearing down the line but until your preferences are set and you are a rather experienced yoyoer the bearings will not matter.

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Why the Werrd hour?
can you give some reasons please?Thanks
@Drawesome ok then if I choose the shutter I’ll go without the terapin bearing

Watch him whip out a worlds level performance video with his sskills on that aoda yoyo ;D

…im not very good…

They are all a really great value honestly.

I said the Hour cuz its 7075 so they can distribute the weight better, probably plays best of the 3.

Benchmark, they should be $90. But because the 3 share the same specs, and simplifying the shapes and design, they could make the price $60, so it definitely plays bette rthan the price.

The Shutter was the first yoyo in YYFs attempt to start selling high end yoyos at a mid-end price.

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I’m open to suggestions of yoyo’s around the same price

How does the werrd eighty-six 400 compare to the other yoyos

Benchmark, it allows you to better customize the feel thanks to the Side Effects. The others are a great value but unless you know you will always love the weight you are better off with on that allows you to tinker under the hood to fit your desired feel at the time.


Any one else?
How do the yoyos compare performance wise?

Which yoyo is the best supernova,the genesis or superstar?

All preference. I find the superstar the most stable and the supernova the least even tho it’s still pretty stable. The supernova is the fastest and most enjoyable in my opinion but the others are still good.