A guide to buying bearings?

So I am thinking of buying a Shutter and read somewhere on the forums that some people insisted on buying a new bearing when you get it. So if someone could tell me a good technique on judging bearings(preferably) center-tracs that would be great

I don’t know what you mean by judging but I in a few minutes or throws it starts to “hiccup” or get really loud that can indicate a bad bearing.

For the ordinary, average guy just starting out the stock bearing that comes with most yoyos works just fine. Get some feel for yoyos before you plunge in so deep.

my experience is that generally stock yoyos suit the yoyos pretty well; manufacturers design and play yoyos and they’re willing to put whatever bearing plays , to their taste, best in it.budget yoyos may have constraints, but usually the design is adapted to have a nice fit. the only bearing i’ve switched is in my dv888 and i did it solely for noise purposes. other than that, especially when not being an advanced player, the perceived difference, if any, might not justify the cost. especially in throws where a new bearing is 50% of the purchasing price.