which yoyo should I get?

just got some yye money for my bday and I’m not sure which yoyo to spend it on… I wanted to buy a Ceasar but they are out of stock. trying to keep it below 115… want something kinda different in shape that plays well but from a company other than yyf as I have a ton of those already. any suggestions?

I have not tried one, but the One drop gradient looks a lot like the shape of the Ceasar and it’s $80.

Yeah the Gradient does have a similar shape. I have a Gradient and it is a great yo-yo that is pretty zippy, so it might fit the bill, although I can’t say for sure since I haven’t tried MFD Caesar

One Drop has plenty of amazing throws under $115 in all shapes and sizes. Grab one with their side effects and you can change the weight/play of them! Gradient, T1, cascade, MMC, summit. All are awesome.

Don’t get the Summit. It’s way overhyped, this is not just my opinion, this is a lot of peoples opinion.

Even though you said about yyf. But yoyofactory Cyborg 2.0 is great

Or get a valor.

Valor is 120$ but it is amazing! There is only a handful of yoyos in my mind better, and none are under 120$.
The valor is solid, fast, and light. It is one of the most well rounded throws out there and is extremely tough.

What I would look at:

Go with the iYoyo Steel, pretty unique although I haven’t played it yet so beats me how it actually plays. :slight_smile: