best throw for around $70 to $100?

I want to get my first high end yoyo but I’m not to sure. Id like a yoyo that’s not yyf because that’s what most of my collection consists of. I’ve been really thinking about the gradient or benchmark but I’m open to any suggestions

Gradient is nice

Either of these as well:

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how does the gradient stack up to a superstar or a genesis?

Depends on the Genesis. 7075 or Pulsar genesis would win against the 3 but the others would lose in my opinion. I love the overall width of the new 2013 superstar a lot and really enjoy the H shape. The shape of the gradient doesn’t fit my preferences but it’s a nice yoyo in terms of performance and a bit more stable.

I’m really torn on which to get there are so many great options

Do have a preferred shape? Would help narrow it down.

Just throwing out some of my favorites within that price range.

Code 2 = awesomeness

Yelets - Have two since I love it that much.

86400 hours of fun!

If you like the Heart song try the Barracuda

You could get two YYO throws for the money and feel like you spent more.

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YoyoTrap Helium. Its just capable of anything and everything
Also you can find the irony jpx for $90 at some other billybobs

For pure performance get the Code 2, if you want a throw with more character that still plays well get the Cascade

The Gradient is wonderful. The two you want to compare it to are in a different category, being fairly solid H shapes (superstar kind of a V/H hybrid, but with those thick rims it’s an H in my books).

The Gradient (especially if you fit it out with UL side effects, but even with the stock spikes) has a more nimble feel to it. I think almost any of the Genesis runs will edge it out a bit in terms of stability, but it’s not like the Gradient is shy on stability, it’s just that the Genesis is legendary for it.

For my money, the Gradient is one of the best yoyos available at its price point.

I am one of those derps who with the gradient cant find a balance point between stability, float and speed. I find it always hard to control at high speed, just in different ways with different side effects

Who needs to balance all those things? :wink: That would be hecka boring.

I do not play at high speed, except the Jason Lee Sling. That’s my only speed move. So there’s that to factor into my opinion.

Think I’m gonna go with a yyo yoyo for now but thank you all for the great options I really appreciate it