Gradient anyone??

Hello All,
I am looking for a new throw. Currently I have a Shutter, Hubstacked Genesis, DV888 and a PopStar. I did have an AC2, but I returned it because it had too much vibe. I was looking into some yoyos, and I keep landing on the Gradient to complete my collection right now. My style of play i just technical and flowing.

Any help and recommendations would be appreciated! Thanks a ton, lemme know what you think!

well you can’t go wrong with a gradient. but if your looking for some cheaper throws the duncan torque is pretty good if you can get past the logo on the inside ( it ruins any hope of finger spins).

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money isnt really a problem, i just returned my clyw ac2 because it vibrated like crazy, so I dont mind paying a little more for the gradient. but is it really worth it? is it better compared to other high end throws? I need something fast, that will spin longer than anything I have

Jensen kimmitt is very hoppy, like me. The Gradient is very speedy but the size prevents me from getting too techy. I like the Marmot 2 or the Gnarwhal 2. The AC2 you had is a lot less nimble than the original because of the removal of the double ring, so the og AC is decent for Jensen tricks is you can snag one on the BST.

I am not super hoppy, I am just trying to get a good feel of different yoyos. I agree though, the AC2 was missing that

Gradient is great. I couldn’t say for sure it fits your style, but it plays somewhere between a Cascade and a Valor, with the easiest catch zone of all the times. I like mine with Ultralights, but it’s fine with the stock spikes.

what would you say would be a better option for me? I mean, I am a growing yoyoer, I should be getting good at most things. What are the strengths of the gradient?

I can’t think of any “better” options. Based on what you currently own, definitely look for something a little lighter and with a non-H profile. Gradient fits that bill!

is the gradient “better” that what i have already though? I think its a step up in terms of performance and speed and sleep time, but i could be wrong. i like the shutter the best, so i want something similar, thats why i landed on the gradient

Honestly I would recommend the Queen by 2sickyoyos, it’s freaking sweet. It’s extremely stable and spins like a 68 gram yo-yo while only being around 64. I figure that since you like the performance of the shutter, you would like the Queen because the 2sick queen will match or beat the performance of it (depending on who you ask) while still feeling different enough to be a good change of pace.

Another great choice would the be the One Drop Valor, It’s a total powerhouse without being sluggish and the new colorways released on here recently are awesome.

zomglmao’s recommendations are great, too. I have both of those yoyos. :wink:

There are not many yoyos out there which will step up your spin time game vs. the Shutter or the Genesis. :wink: Gradient will not outspin a Genesis, for example. The Queen and Valor are in the same spintime category. Gradient will be faster than your Genesis and Shutter. Usually speed and spintime are at odds with each other because generally lighter yoyos are faster and heavier yoyos spin longer. Generally.

Unless you’re entering a sleeper contest, raw spin time shouldn’t be a primary motivator. There’s nothing a yoyo can improve for spin time that more precision in play can’t compensate for. When every combo and trick is flawless and produces no drag, THEN you might start worrying about it. :wink:

What the Gradient offers is something “Different”. So will the Valor and the Queen. Once you start soliciting recommendations, it becomes a time-waster for you. You had arrived at the Gradient, and I just wanted to confirm that it’s a great choice and is a fantastic yoyo.

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I agree with that, once I get good enough, all yoyos will be able to spin long enough for me. Does it spin well though, the gradient? I mean what I could do is practise a combo and learn it with my genesis…then perfect it with the gradient. I really appreciate all your replies. Gradient is still my choice, however, I am just curious to see what others have to say. Will it spin AS WELL as my other yoyos. I understand the gradient will be a step up in performance, but will it be a step down in sleep time, or in any other areas?

The Gradient is great. You sound like you have your mind pretty much made up so just get it. You won’t regret it. :slight_smile:

Tyler; the strengths of the Gradient are what ‘you’ bring to it.

The Gradient was totally designed and manufactured by Yoyo Making Masterminds. They have already established One Drop as one of the very Top of the Crop,Yoyo makers.

I honestly don’t think One Drop can produce a ‘bad’ Yoyo. I really don’t. And consider that they have always subjected their Proto yoyos to extensive field testing. They are ‘never’ in a hurry to release a New Yoyo model. They believe in a very well established form of procedure…‘Anything short of doing something right; is doing it wrong’

One Drop doesn’t make Mistakes. They make High Performance yoyos. That is what they do.

The only potential Weak link in the Equation; is not bringing enough Game; to Power up the Equipment.

Delete the ‘Sleep time’ concerns from your Mind. You are focusing on something with no concrete relevance.

The Gradient is More than you probably need. But only a Wimp would fear buying a Car with ‘a little too much Horsepower’.

The One Drop Gradient was designed to be a Trick Machine.

It just needs ’ a Driver’. Lol

Power up!

I wouldn’t kid you.

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unreal. thanks

Gradient is a good yoyo, but later in the thread you said you are looking for alternatives, if money is not an issue and you want “something good for most things”, search no more, there is few yoyos that everyone agrees that are very good for ALL things, and one of those is the Draupnir, specially now that there is restock in some sites.

Draupnir is abyssmal at matador.

With my playstyle the gradient dashes and bounces all over the place like an eye masked cicada. Didnt liek

It’s heavier than a Speeder 2.

In any event, I don’t find it’s THAT fast. For me it’s easy to control and smooth to play.