Looking for a new Yoyo

My max budget is $85 shipped.
I will only buy and use YoyoFactory brand yoyos.
My style is exclusively 1A.

Please reply, thanks!

why only yyf?

I have 3 YYF yoyos right now. I really like the One Drop and Caribou Lounge yoyos, however the problem is I don’t want to carry around more than 2+ different brands of bearings and response pads. With collecting YYF alone, it’s easier to manage response pads and bearings. It also seems to be more lower on the budget.

If I am wrong, please tell me so. If the One Drop yoyos can fit YYF bearings and response pads. I would love to get my hands on the Gradient.

Bearings do fit in One Drop and YoYoFactory. Most of the newer versions use C size bearings in them.
Response pads in One Drop last for a year and a day and never lose consistency, I don’t think they are the same as the YYF.
It is pretty hassle free, I strongly recommend the Gradient.

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“caribou lounge” lol
You don’t need to stick with one company. I also had that delusion when I was starting out. One Drop is worth checking out for sure, the Gradient is a wonderful throw. Most “Pro” yoyos nowadays use “C” sized bearings, including YYF and OneDrop, so I wouldn’t worry about that. Response pad differences aren’t even worth considering unless your budget is less than 2.00$ a month. I usually replace response pads every month and a half, if that, and I’ve heard OneDrops response are some of the longest lasting you can get.

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Thanks a bunch guys! I just clicked the button and now I have a One Drop Gradient with 2 more foil packets to try and win something from the YYE Winter Giveaways!

Awesome!! You definitely won’t be disappointed, it’s an amazing throw.

great choice! might as well pack those shutters away now. youll be very satisfied with anything by onedrop.

HOLY SMOKES! The OD Gradient is anti-strippable! I just watched a YouTube video and it shows that the Side Effect features most useful ability is that it is literally a replaceable threading. For 12 bucks per Side Effects, I am for sure going to stack these up in the future. I am scared to death to play on my new silver YYF Shutter because I accidentally stripped my black Shutter’s threading, I had to super glue the axle down. From now on I will only buy One Drop yoyo’s that boasts the Side Effect feature FOREVER!

haha yeah it’s nice but you’ll never probably need to buy new side effects cuz they’re made of 7075, which is a harder alloy, so they’ll never strip (within reason). After a few months of skill building you’ll find yourself hardly taking your yoyo apart at all, maybe just to clean the bearing every few months, which obviously, makes axle stripping much less of an issue. It’s also handy to find a long sewing needle or something to pick knots.

we will now look back at this as the time LeDave broke up with his first company…

Watch this starting at 2:05. I really wish I found out about these sooner. Big money wasted on buying anything else besides One Drop with Side effects.

went thought the same epiphany as you not too long ago dave.

Well my OD Gradient hasn’t even arrived in the mail yet and I already just ordered a Benchmark W and Code 1…

Wow you’re on a roll!

I don’t have any experience with the Benchmarks or Code 1 but the Gradient is a killer yoyo, it left a very strong impression on me.