which yoyo should i get???

MY preferences are: smooth and stable, probably not too large, butterfly or wing shaped, probably not H shaped and good grinds (though it is not needed). i usually like the way weights on the rims feel. color doesnt matter. I dont think that i want hub stacks. thanks for the recommendation :D. i was thinking that the 44 and the hatrick would be the best for me (i like the shape of them), but feel free to recommend anything that you think that i would like. :slight_smile:


No need to bump that soon but oh well.

Small, not H shaped…Sounds like either the 44 or the Campfire out of those.

yeah but what about the bassalope

It’s a little bit bigger but go for it if you want.

ide defenetly go with the fury or 44. both great long spinning stable yoyos have a great feel when you throw then and are great for grinds

The 44 matches it the best the way I look at it.O0

can somebody compare a 44 to an eneme because that is the only full metal yoyo that i have played with :slight_smile: