need help picking new yoyo

i need to start branching out to other yoyo companies, i only have yyf, yyj, and duncan yoyos. i want a metal. preferably more 54 mm in diameter or more. want either a rounded shape like the 44 or an H-shape, price doesnt matter and i dont want yyf, yyj, or duncan.
any suggestions?

Oscillatrix by RecRev. While it is 52mm it plays like a dream to me. Has the H-shape your looking for! At 62.99 you can’t beat it for the price! Very smooth looking, feeling, and playing. Longer spin times than any of my other yoyo’s too. Very highly recommended!

have you checked out werrd’s stuff? the 4xl, split d, pacquiao, TFL, and others are all that organic shape like a 44.

Personally, i think the biggest difference between companies is the art they put on the yoyo and the price they sell it at. I would just get a good metal that you think you’d like.

May I suggest a CODE1 by One Drop? It’s an H shape, 56mm diameter, and has the genious of side effects.

There’s lost of good companies making lots of good stuff. Some make a lot, some make a little(quantities). Some have many models, some have few models.

You need to come up with a budget. That budget should include the yoyo, strings(if necessary), replacement response systems(if necessary unless you’re going to silicone it and it’s compatible) and shipping.

After you’ve done that task, it may narrow stuff down a bit or a lot depending on how much you can spend. Then you can start getting better answers. You can examine specs all you want, it really won’t help a whole lot until you have it in your hand and throwing it. About all specs can do is help you with size and weight if you have a preference.

My recent spending has involved yoyos in various diameters, weights and profiles coming in. I’m new and still developing preferences myself, but I’m also acquiring for future projects. For example, I’m buying some 4A throws that I probably won’t really touch for months just so they’ll be here now and when I’m ready for them.

Now, having said that, let me share my recent stuff:
I throw mainly a Dark Magic II, and I keep coming back to it. Old habits die hard perhaps, but the DM2 also fits into my hand nicer, feels better and I like the weight. Then again, it’s what I’m used to.

Recent purchases in the metal category that I currently have in my hand are a Code1, TFL Delorean, Markmont Next and a Gnarwal. I currently like yoyos that have that general shape of the DM2. What are my first impressions of these?

Gnarwal: was super smooth and stable, and even seems forgiving of slightly bad throws, at least in my short experience.
Markmont Next is fine, serious and stable.
The Delorean seems like it wants to just spin forever, With it being delivered to be beefcaked, it’s a different “sound”, but still feels great.
The Code1, being oversized compared to the others, seems a better fit for me right now. But with only the default side effects in there, I am interested in acquiring other side effects to customize it for myself.

If budget is tight, don’t forget BST. There can be some sweet deals there.