Which Yoyo next?


My first post here so hello to everyone

I’m posting because I only recently came back to yoyo since I was a kid and just need a bit of advice. I’ve been steadily improving but have found super unresponsive yoyo’s that I have used very difficult to manage currently. I started really getting the hang of it when I started using a Yoyojam Journey, which has been a GREAT starter yo. The problem is that while I still appreciate the ease of a more responsive yo I am beginning to struggle with its spin time a little.

So to sum up, I want advice about something that is better than the Journey but isn’t TOO unresponsive, I can handle some binds if necessary but I mean, Protostar I can only return 1/5 throws.


My suggestion is the Dark Magic

dark magic

I had the same experience when I started again. If I were to do it all over I would have skipped the DM and moved up to an all metal totally non-responsive yoyo and learned to bind better as I went. I would stay away from a super wide gap and/or H shaped yoyo.

But I’m the type of person who jumps feet first into something. For example I bought a motorcycle without getting a permit 1st and had never even been on one in my entire life. In less than 5 minutes I had it down. The only thing that slowed me down was the fact that the speedometer cable was broken.

maybe youd like the velocity?

If you have the money mabye a flying V? You can put in extra responce than take it out when you’re ready. Or any of yoyojam’s hybrids that come with the speed and half bearings.

a velocity would be so perfect for you. it can be responisve enough to loop well and unresponisve enough to be dead unresponsive and handle some pretty hard tricks.

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the responses, I looked in to all the yoyo’s you suggested. I think on balance I’m probably going to go for the Dark Magic. Of course now I just have to wait till the point where my girlfriend won’t leave me if I spend MORE money on yoyo’s. Which may be some time :stuck_out_tongue:

If you find it’s not responsive enough, you can tangle an open granny knot around your bearing(careful not to tangle your string, you want the bearing in the way of the knot). The cross in the string will take up more space in the gap causing your yoyo ti increase your response

that way is ok but I don’t recomend it for good play… not saying it’s bad.