Which YoYo is better for COMPETITION


CLYW Glacier Express or One Drop CODE 2


Probably the Code 2. the GE was more of an experiment that was perfected buy the CLIFF.


Hmmmmmmm…, its just such a hard decision!

(Owen) #4

Code 2 without a doubt.

BUT, If you want to be adventurous, go for the GE


They both would do fine in a competition, after all people use Protostars and Northstars in tourneys.

(SR) #6

How the heck is this a hard decision? Code 2 hands down.

The Code 2 was MADE for competition… there’s really nothing better for competition that you can use really. You’d be insane to buy a GE… Now go buy a Code 2. I’m not even kidding.

What a silly question.


Code 2 it WILL be if one new person says Code 2…!


CODE 2 it is!!!


Code2 because of the price. The Glacier Express is more of a fun throw to use around the house or on the streets :smiley: