which yoyo has the most durability?

I’m just wondering which yoyo you had is the strongest and can handle roughest impact, and still spin like new. also which strongest yoyo is cheapest.

For me, nothing is like Duncan Butterfly XT, but i want one for pure unresponsive.

i have butterfly xt for while and i am very impressed on how much tolerance it have. I’ve accident step on it, sit on it, drop it and it run away from me, there is more to it, but it spin like new. its only $5 and it handled very well.

what is your?

When I was first starting out, my Lyn Fury was pretty much indestructible. I loved that yo-yo.

While no yoyo can truly come out unscathed if you were to fall on it or step on it, here are some of the most durable yoyos I can think of. For durability, I tend to think of yoyos that don’t have sharp, thin edges, as those can bend or dent easier, but more rounded, thicker walls and rims. A thicker axle will help as well.

-Most Side Effect enabled yoyos, no matter how you beat them, they won’t gain vibe unless some part is bent, the one’s with thicker walls will be able to handle more. The GZR editions are especially tough, as they are made from 7075. These are the ones I think are the most durable.
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-Dif-E-Yos- They have an amazingly high tolerance for being knocked around. Thicker walls and a thicker axle lets it take all the abuse.

-Some plastics.
-The PSG- An extremely durable yoyo. It was run over by a car as a test, it was damaged, but I’ll still give it credit for being playable.
-Duncan Freehand 2- I’d give this one credit for being the most durable. The updated version had thicker hubs and thicker walls. The plastic itself is very durable as well, won’t crack easily.

There’s more out there, but I think these are at the top for durability. There are throws that have rubber rims and such. But I don’t think it would be fair to add those to the list lol. I didn’t add a lot of YYJs, because the hubs on those were know for cracking, and the parts are not as replaceable.

Spin Dynamics Flow with the helicoil (?) insert

For metals I think the most durable ones would be those with steel or titanium axles and cores. I think the most breakable part in metal yoyos is the axle stripping or bending. Full titanium and full steel yoyos also should be way more durable than aluminum ones. YYR Dazzler or Oxygène yoyos are good examples.

For plastics I think machined POM/Delrin yoyos are the most resistant (and the best to play) ones. Specially those with steel or brass cores should last longer. The new YYF ReGen seems to be the most durable plastic I know, I’ve smashed it quite hard with really minor damage, I chose it as my main 5A yoyo for his durability.

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