Which YouTubers do you guys watch?

I like to compare tutorials of the same tricks. Especially the English language ones vs more international because the same tricks will be taught differently or the style will be different. As an example, there’s this shinya kido video he does for the jp rewind where he teaches the 1.5 hook two different ways and I’ve only ever seen English language tutorials teach it the second way. I don’t know what he’s saying but the auto translate gets some of it right and when it gets the translation wrong, it’s entertaining. (Slack=stream)

Evan has been uploading some cool vids recently.

Also if you can speak Japanese (I can’t) Shion streams on youtube

I really like @LX_Emergency comparison videos for reviews. Brandon vu has a ton of good videos. The contest channels I think I been watching more than anything lately. Can’t forget yoyoexpert and yotricks, them tutorials really kept me going when I first started. It would of been tough without them. It would be cool if YoYoExpert updated the videos for the expert tricks. I just got there and was a little bummed that there is only the older style videos.

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Glad you’re enjoying them. That always makes me feel good.