Favorite You Tube Channels


Hello Everyone,

Wondering your guys thoughts about the yoyo you tube community. What do you guys think about the current community? Is it growing in yours guys point of view? Who are some of your favorite channels? I really like throws and brews and dylan, as well as sam hicks


Throws n brews, Dylan kowalski back when he did yoyo stuff, Sam Hicks, TYYT.


Can’t forget Jakes vlog. my morning ritual


Yoyojoe1 funny and teaches really cool tricks and honest reveiws


What do I think about in general? It’s not as populated as I would guess. It seems to be slowly growing. Some channels I like are Michael Montgomery, mrmatio, Kris Toledo, Rishav Jain, and Mr YoYoThrower,


Vret Vatesby is by far the best. Quirky Canadian. Caralisc is pretty great too. I look for someone who has a funny edge and who is a little off center. Yoyojoe is a great teacher very talented.


Brandon Vu has a good channel for review and the occasional trick


Rethinkyoyo covers a wide range of tricks and levels, really great resource.
Jacob Mccann has a good channel too.


I always watch Brandon Vu.