Good yoyo video channels

So I’m looking for a few new yoyo channels with good vids. I’ve already seen Eric r., Brandon vu, yyf, backspin, yyr, and Matio, I’d like to find some any ideas would be appreciated

Janiyoyo94, in my opinion is the best :). Also, it depends if you are looking for like people yoyoing, or are you looking for tutorials? If you are looking for people yoyoing, look up Innovation Movement and PerfectElementsYoyos, as well as Aaron Davis. If you are looking for tutorials, look up Saint Petersburg Yoyo School, As Well as Terra-Yoyos Tutorials (TYYT), and I also have MANY yoyo videos coming up, both inspirational and tutorials. so if you are interested, ask and I’ll leave a link to my channel. Hope this helped!

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