Which to choose >.<

Okay so my mom is going to help me and my little brother help us order.
Our order limit is 110$.
My bro wants a dm2 and a yyj t-shirt.
I want the dv888 and protostart but thats over 110 >.<
But thats the problem.
I heard very good reivews on the two.
So can you guys help me decide on which to choose.
Thank you ^^

Although they are both great, I would get the dv888 because its a full metal, has great grinds, isnt noisey, and has longer sleep times.

Not sure if this comes this is cheap enough but the protege is very nice try to convince her to get that.

Thanks guys for helping me decide but,
Should i use silicone for the dv888 or k-pads? ???


What if he doesn’t want to get a full metal just yet?

I thought the grinds were meh, but they are better than the protostar

depends on the bearing and if he lubes it or runs it dry

thats all up to the person throwing it

Do you have any other preferences regarding weight, shape, size, etc?


Thats not the only option you know, I love my dv888 with sili

I say K-pads. I LOVE the feel of the silicone in my Dv, but I have to replace it like once a week. I dont think i doing a bad silicone job (the sili in my pgm and bassboost have never needed changed yet), i just think the Dv’s grooves are less suitable for silicone.

The groove in the DV888 is suitable for silicone, widening it would help imensely, but as is, it’s still a good groove.

get both pay off the difference

K-Pads are the stock response, and I think their the best for it, and you’ll have an easier time.

I personally like silicone in my dv888, It binds a lot easier with the wide gap and all, but I suppose it really just comes down to your binds…

If spin time is your concern, the Dv888 sleeps longer than the Protostar. FACT.

Dv888. It’s like $10 more but sleeps longer, grinds, and is just awesome for the price.

Did anyone ever take into consideration his preferences?
These two yoyos are very different beasts.
The protostar is floatier. whereas the dv888 is like a rock on a string.
Also size these two are almost opposites.
so really it just boils down to preference.
In my opinion id take a protostar any day. :wink: