DV888 quality

(Derek) #1

Does anybody know how the DV888 will compare to the regular 888?


about the same, but flat rims and no hubstacks

(Jamesofyoyo) #3

ive never tried the 888 but ive tried the dv888 and it is awsome!!! i dont know wheather its better than the m1 or not. :smiley:


Its mainly in shape. The SPEC’s are fairly close.
888 Specifications:
Diameter 1.99 inches
Width 1.65 inches
Response Silicone
Weight 66 grams

DV888 Specifications:
Diameter 1.97 inches
Width 1.6 inches
Response YoYoFactory K-Pad
Weight 66 grams



lol dv888 looks like an m1 :o


anybody know if its beadblasted or ano?

(JonasK) #7

I don’t think it’s beadblasted.




More like a Project. But NO! We are not going to start the “Project Killer” thing here at YYE. Looks is where all the similarities of these yoyos end. I assure you, they play much different.

(empirestrings) #10

im so gonna buy one!!!


Different response and diameter. DV888 is an amazing yoyo. The real difference to me is the awesome laser engraving versus the stacks and 888 engraving.


The response is the same :wink:


No 888 is silicone and DV888 is pad


You’re both wrong! 888 uses a silicone pad, while a DV888 uses a K-pad.


thatz what i meant, silicone pad, who would’ve thought it used flowable!


Oh, I didn’t notice that. I thought they came stock with K-Pads. It looks like it in the pic, haha.


All YYFs have been coming with K Pads for a while


Will my Dif-E Ceramic KonKave Bearing work for the dv888?


If it is a Size C, then yes.


Well… for one theres no stacks. (Duh) I haven’t checked the specs but it looks like its gap is a little wider than the eight8eight. I don’t like the DV888 at all. Its a little over-rated for me and somebody sais it doesn’t come with the engraving.