Which throw is the best??

I’m looking for a yyf throw around 100 bucks that’s maybe unique or good play,
I’m considering-
Old superstar
Or cyborg
Please help

I have most of those. Superstar and genesis are my two favorites. Genesis I like unhubstacked, Superstar I like hubstacked. Both AMAZING players. I’d have to say I like the superstar a bit more.

Cyborg is a good choice

Get a Proton if you like speed and durability. I mean, CRAZY speed.

Get a Genesis (I only can recommend the 2009 65.5g edition) if you like smooth transitions and speed (not as much as the Proton, but a nice and controlled amount).

Get an MvP2 if you and the person next to you wants a black eye.

The Aviator is my favorite.

The 7075 version of the genesis was my fav, super stable long spinning and pretty quick but not too quick.