Which string?

Ok. I love this new string but the guy I got it from said it was just samples and didn’t plan on making a business out of it. Problem Is that I am absolutely in love with these things. They are stiff and thin-medium in thickness. They whip beautifully and he made them in striking colors. The only strings I can find that seem like they would be similar are markmont drakens but they are white. I like bright neons or cool color combos. [u][b]Recommend:

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Companies and curtains string[/b][/u]


You could try toxic strings… Sounds like it would fit your preferences

Honestly my grail string was Jake Elliot’s ones. I forgot what type though. Unfortunately he doesn’t make them anymore.

i didn’t like toxics. The loop always came off my finger and my yoyos would get damaged :’(

ask him for the recipe and learn to make them yourself. I just bought a bunch of strings from someone retiring from making them. He gave me his stock and his recipes. It’s not that hard.

Some quiet winter afternoon, you could probably make a year’s supply for yourself.

My holy grail string would be free string.

My holy grail string would be made of a braiding that does not ever loosen or tighten, and never wears out or gets dirty, and always binds perfectly.

It was because of Toxics that I switched to using a Finch’s head knot. Anybody who tries my yoyos is all messed up until I teach them how to use it, but seriously, it’s the best thing ever. You can do so much more with confidence when you don’t have to worry about the loop coming off your finger.

I made a mediocre video on the subject. Should remake it with better footage:

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Maybe Nylon 1.5 Kitty string. Whips well, lasts long, is cheap and is pretty soft.

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kitty string has some good neons

my friend makes his own string and it is custom and interesting colors so you should make it yourself

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