Which string has the most bright and luminescent color?

Like up. I’m looking for some really bright and luminescent string and I need your help Guys!! ;D

You can get glow in the dark yoyogstring. The brightest normal one I have is Jeromy K’s neon yellow perfect fit string. Super bright and plays awesome.

Thanks broyo13 big plus for you :wink:

No problem. You can only order Perfect Fit from Jeromy K. on these forums, but if you want some other alternatives you can get highlights in yellow or custom make your on string on Chaosyoyos.com

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Thanks one more time! Have u seen their “Hot Pink” collor?

I have one another question: If I chose type 422 I must match all 3 collors or can I match for example pink, black, none?

dayglos are the bomb, super bright, soft and not too short either

highlights… and they sell glow in the dark thread at jo-anns so you could use that to make you own sting.

I agree, they play grate . I’ve got green once and they are realy bright.

Also note that how bright a string appears depends on the background.
I’ve found that orange is usually the best for allaround play, but Yellow/green shows up best for dark backgrounds as long as the string is properly lit. IMO.

Also Glowin the dark thread at Joe anns is $2 for around 125 yrds( I think it’s yrds.), while a standard cone of thread is around $3 for 2000 yrds.

If any string is easy to get on camera, it’s white string.

Want bright? Go white!

Thanks Guys one more time!

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