Love for Yellow

So I recently got some 100% poly yellow string from yoyoexpert and I must say I fell in love with it at first sight. It’s so bright and it holds loops so well. Suicides are so mech easier with this string. I think it’s better than some multicolored string I made. If I could pick one color of string it would be yellow!

What’s your favorite color/kind of string??
Have you seen any brighter string than the ones here at yoyoexpert?if so where?
Discuss. Comment. Have fun.

Well I just ordered white, orange and yellow string from here. Along with a protostar and a counter attack. Thin lube too. Can’t forget the lube! lol

Hahaha I love the protostar! Definetly the best platic yoyo I’ve ever played with. It spins forever but irg’s aren’t that great.

I’m using yellow too! It’s on all my yoyos

I make this crazy bright neon orange.

I’ve got some bright orange alchemy, and some purple YoYoeXpert, and some green polyester Mattsk8nike gave me.

I also just ordered yellow poly from here. It is great!

I like purple too. It looks extra good if ur wearing white. How do u make the special neon orange string??? Is alchemy string bright??

I love my day glow green its bright as a bright thing

I just ordered some today. I haven’t used highlights in a while, but I thought it would be good to have some.

I like the string depending on my yoyo but it is usually yellow or orange.

Yea I like purple on my 888 08 and yellow on my NVx.

i LOOOOOVE yye green 100% polyester string. looks good on any yoyo.especially on my aqua acid washed boss.

I love Bright green on my Black dv888 I think it looks awesome.

yellow and green YYN highlights.
Cameron’s string once in a while.
And alchemy string for fun.

Do they keep their brightness for a long time? I just orderd one 100 pack of yellow and one of orange from here. I also ordered two set of k-pad and two set of Duncan C/W’s.

Yea, depending on how much you play I would say 2-3 days. There’s nothing like the feel of new string though, the brightness and the perfect loops! I’m trying to expand the lives of my string but it’s so tempting to put a new one. I’ve been using the same yellow string for about 3 weeks and it’s holding up well. I just fear the moment when it rips and my NVx flies out at someone lol. Hahaha. The Duncan counterweights are sick, I love the panda. I can’t wait for the big deal! (so out of topic)