Most visible string


What is the string available on this website that is most visible, and matches with most yoyos?
I would think yellow, but wanted to double chech.

Thanks in advance.

(Jei Cheetah) #2

Yellow poly’s are the brightest in my experience.


light colors mostly (light green, yellow, etc)


Yellow or bright green.


I just did some photos for a project. I have white, neon orange and neon green. My next YYE order, I’m getting neon yellow as well. I used the green, it popped!

It’s also dependent on what will give suitable contrast to your background. You don’t want to necessarily go white string against black background because the extremes are too great. Also, consider our eyes are most sensitive to greens.


Okay. Good to know.

See, I had gotten blue string a few months ago, and thought “Its dark, I’ll so it’ll be really easy to see.” Turns out I cant see it, and its really bothering me. Then I got a yellow string with my sasquatch, and loved its feel and visibility.

Does YoyoExpert carry the same kind of yellow string that comes with a sasquatch?
Was that just yellow poly? Because it just felt SO nice.


Twisted string cheeto orange


I think it depends on the background and lighting.


Dark is easy to see against a light background, but your eyes will get tired easier. If you’re in a decently lit room and the walls and carpet are fairly light, then dark colors are OK, but they won’t be great if you’re videoing yourself.

Personally, I don’t mind white, but I am finding it easier to use the neon green in general because it is easier to see.

(WildCat23) #10

Yes, but I find lime(neon) green to be the best overall.


Out of my own curiosity, after I get the neon yellow, I’m going to run a test with white, neon green, neon orange and neon yellow. I know the winners will be the neon green and yellow for sure, with an edge to the neon green. I’m going to use a somewhat neutral background.

However, in general, pick your favorite color. I like blue, but I choose that for my yoyos. For my strings, I’m kinda breaking out of my “muted” tendencies and choosing “loud” colors. It’s all for fun, and fun is what I’m having.

I gotta get my skills down fast. I have a glowing DieNasty and an the LED FHZ with CW. I have between now and the second weekend in January to get some skillz and learn a little 5A so I can be doing something entertaining at the “Club Sac Rave” at the anime convention. I have to be there doing sound anyways, so might as well do something more constructive with my time while ignoring the loud music. Plus, I’m bringing in the full PA for the concerts/rave(which the guests also use for panels) so, I figure, hey, have some fun. Better than the guy with a Limelight last year who could barely do a gravity pull! Deadlines are a wonderful motivator.


Lime/yellow/neon orange twisted colours. You would need sunglasses to use this.


I use a Neon green poly with a blue hoodie in my videos. It really depends on what you’re wearing…


Orange, Green, and Yellow are used the most when it comes to visual performances. They contrast really well with black shirts and the backdrop.