Which should i use?


I just can’t decide! I feel very comfortable with both, but i don’t know which one i should use. Which would you use if you had the chance, and why?


Why not try either with either? Or something else.


i have tried both strings with each, and i find that the best string for my ava is kitty, and the best string for my chief is graou.

These are the two yoyo’s I’m considering using. This thread was probably pointless to make now that i think about it, but i would still like some opinions.


I havent played Graou, though i cant imagine it will make THAT much of a difference. So regarding the yoyos, the ease of play the Chief offer is great. They’re both great, though i’ll prefer a Chief


Graou’s are nice, you should try them. It significantly boosted my play.

I think I’ll go with the chief and Graous.