Which should I apply on my newly cleaned OD 10 balls?

Yoyojam thin or OD V4M

to produce the smoothest quietest bearing…

Just a pin-drop of either will be fine.

Not like just one drip from the bottle? I feel like the pin doesn’t do anything…

Then do two pin-drops.

That is, unless you want to spend a lot of time breaking in the lube. Adding more means you just have to fight the viscosity.

A lot goes a LONG ways.

One full drop from the bottle is fine if you can do one of two things:

  1. Have much patience as you break in the lube. It can take some time. For whatever reason, Gyro Flops help out… maybe because the bearing is frozen in place by the strings so you’re getting full-on bearing movement at all times (not just the string slipping around the bearing)

  2. Use compressed air (canned or from an air compressor) to give it a quick blast after you’ve worked the oil throughout the bearing. This will blow out the excess and drastically reduce or eliminate break-in time.

The pin drop method only works for me if I apply a full drop directly to the middle of the pin and let it “pool” at the pin’s tip… the resulting drop is still substantial but yet smaller than the drop right from the bottle.

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By a pin drop u mean just get the pin wet and touch a ball with it. Correct?

So I’ll do this twice? (2 pin drops)

V4M all day and everyday and twice on Sunday… Just a small bit though… I do not use the needle I just use the bottle. Just be slow and easy and just do the smallest of drops…

Wow 3 different sets of instructions!!

What shall I do??

More like 2! When I say “one full drop”, I do indeed mean whatever size of drop comes out of the bottle with care and attention. It’s a drop. If you squeeze that sucker with force, what comes out will not be just a “drop”. :wink:

I’m on the mgiroux77 wavelength, yo.

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Preferences it’s just preferences. It’s not a big deal. Try a small amount and then you can add more if you like, or add more and break it in, or add a bunch and if it’s to much you can clean it. Be brave take a chance, it’s really a risk with no real consequences.

Life is good!

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One drop, work it in(spin for a few seconds). Repeat.

Just remember the more you out in the more will come out and a good place for it to live is on your string (think wick in oil) like has been said a little goes a long way.

I’d say clean your bearing really good (best to start fresh) then add the smallest drop on the pin and touch the bearing (already mentioned) then spin the bearing on the end of a pen (I like the little papermate pens as the bearing just slides on and stays put) I like to spin it for about 5 minutes to make sure the oil works in to coat all surfaces evenly the. Reapply the smallest drop after ever 5 or 6 hours of play.

If you’ve done this and you aren’t happy i have to ask what are your desired results and what’s not being achieved with the small drop applications? Is there something you are missing or just unhappy with the end results after you apply that make you feel that you need more lube?

I have a personal preference for V4M for some strange reason…Anyways, here’s a repeat of my own process for treating bearings I posted over at One Drop a while ago.

Having played with V4M quite a bit :slight_smile: , I thought I would share my approach for lubricating and maintaining One Drop 10-ball bearings. As all 10-balls are shipped clean and dry, initially they are rather “thirsty”. When I get a brand new, fresh bearing I take off the shield on one side of the bearing after using a very fine sewing needle to carefully remove the C-clip. I then apply a single pin drop of V4M by touching an “oiled” push pin to the bearing cage. The push pin I use is a standard thumbtack used on cork boards. I put the lube on the pin by tilting the V4M bottle and touching the bottle nozzle to the tip of the pin. You do not even have to squeeze the bottle, capillary action will draw the lube out of the bottle onto the pin. The size of the drop is a little bigger than the width of the gap between the inner and outer race of the bearing. Here’s a visual showing the approximate drop size.


After applying the lube to the bearing I put the bearing on a tapered pencil or pen tip and spin it by finger for 10 or 20 seconds to spread the lube around the bearing. If the bearing is brand new, I then repeat the process and add a second drop. Next, replace the bearing shield and C-clip, install in the yoyo and give it a few good throws to complete spreading the lube around. Depending on the specific bearing, most of the bearing noise will disappear within a couple minutes of throwing as the inside bearing surfaces become coated. With this treatment, your new bearing should be good to go for a couple or few weeks, or more, depending on how much you throw.

For continued maintenance, once you hear bearing noise start to increase, simply remove one shield and add just a single drop of lube. By keeping the shields on your bearings you will keep dust and dirt out of the moving bits, and your bearing will remain smooth and quiet running much longer.


P.S. For those of you who have no desire to remove the bearing shields you can simply touch the tip of the pin to the tiny gap between the shield and the bearing inner race and let the surface tension pull it into the bearing guts. Some lube will flow onto the outside of the shield and bearing and you will want to wipe that off with a fine cloth or tissue. Also, you may want to apply more than two drops of lube this way, as the entire drop does not get inside the bearing.

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Amazing picture^^^