Which professional yoyo would you recommend me?

Hi, i’m about to buy a new yoyo and I want a good yoyo, i’ve been into this hobbit for 2 years and i want something professional, (right now i’m ussing a dark magic). I know that each yoyo has better qualities for a type of style but I don’t have an exclusive style so I want a yoyo that can be would in every kind of style. So I wish you could help me a bit, my budget is around 70$ (maybe i could spend 80$ if necessary). In another forum someone reccomend me to buy the yoyoapartment 1937 and it looks awsome. Anyway i’m looking forward to hearing your answers and suggestions =).

P.D. English is not my mother tongue but I but you can still understand it xP.

If I were you I would just go with the one you like best because all throws over $40 are going to be good I would recommend the 1937,C3 Capless and the Rec Rev Freq wave and the YYJ theory all great throws for there price

I would personally wait until tonight at 8 when the new Pro pack drops. They’re great deals, and you can get some phenomenal throws for cheap.

For instance I picked up the Big & Small pack last night. For $20 you get a POPstar ($26) and a Superwide ($65). That was a fantastic deal.

However, if you don’t like the Pro Packs then I would recommend an One Drop Yelets. The Yelets has gotten some great reviews, and it has the Side Effects system, so you can play around with the weight quite a bit.

That’s just my two cents. :wink:

YoyoFactory Supernova, C3 Capless, and RecRev are your best choices.