want to get a new yoyo

ok so i have about AU$70 and i want to get a new yoyo im alright at tricks and already own a duncan raptor, fhz and yyj destiny but i really want a more pro yoyo what could anyone suggest.

Well, first question would be do you like to buy yoyos completely new or used?

Check out the BST sections for used throws. There is plenty at the 70 range. Most would suggest on getting a Yoyofactory Genesis, however Onedrop is going to be releasing a yoyo called “The CafeRacer” which is going to be around 60 dollars. Perfect throw that is a bang for your buck.

thanks and i like to get them new ;D ;D

The yoyo’s you got can do pretty much anything in 1A and 5A so… :wink:

I heard that the Genesis is pretty stable, and it is a good performance yoyo.

any word on when that’s coming out?

@ OP: A couple yoyos around your price range that I’d consider more pro would be:
Lunatic (one of my favourites)
y factor

Not really sure your preferences, but those are just some great throws for not too expensive :slight_smile:

There are the yoyofactory fundamentals,the shinwoo zen series,Hspin core series, the recrev’s(recreation revolution) and some other yoyos that i am sure that are good if not, then brilliant.

i would recommend the yuuksta. it is really smooth and it is $65!
so i think you should get the yoyofactory yuuksta :slight_smile:

Current exchange rage of Australian dollar to American dollar puts it at:

(rates fluctuate constantly, may not even be accurate in an hour.)

Don’t forget to factor in shipping.