Any suggestions?

I have been yoyoing for about a year, but im young so im learning slowly. I can do all the level 3 tricks on Rethinkyoyo, where i learn everything. I have a yyf protostar and a whip. Im willing to save up some money for a higher end yoyo, but only up to around $60. Any suggestions? Im pretty much experimenting right now, so any of your favorite 1a yoyos are an option. Help me please!

Im around where you are in skill level. Ive been at it for 8 months. Only difference is my collection is wayyy larger!

For the $60 range, id go for the Yoyofactory Gfunk, Yoyofactory Delrin Severe, Yoyofactory DV888, Duncan Echo, C3yoyodesigns Capless, or the Werrd Hour.

Capless all day.

I do like the feel of C3 Yo-Yos. Get a capless.

-C3 Capless
-Werrd Hour
-Hspin Icon
-HSpin Beysick
-Blood Brothers First Brother
-Duncan Echo
-Duncan Raptor

Chaser phenomizm the V anything mickey designed


anything that C3 has or werrd hour. C3 capless and werrd hour are some of the best $60 yoyo that I have tried!

What do you guys think about a YYF 2010 G5?