Which plastic do you like more?


I just want some input before I purchase. ;D


Only tried the skyva, but from what I’ve heard, the Skyva plays better at a lower price. Plus, you get fingerspins to die for. :smiley:


My personal favorite plastics are the whip, premiere, and skyva. I feel like I’m forgetting one.


A lot of great plastic right now. For the fairly cheap, the skyva, Speedaholic, and recess are some really great options. I have the first two and find the skyva to be laid back and easy to chill with, but I can go fast. Speedaholic lends itself well to fast play, changes direction on a dime and the old school shape makes it very pleasant. Both fingerspin well, generally don’t die quickly on a throw, and feel much nicer than their price would indicate.


Replay Pro?


I do enjoy it but not as much as these others. I may need to go through the list of yoyos I’ve owned to see what it was :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel like the DayDream is too often overlooked. I enjoy it a lot. It’s name seems so appropriate for how it plays.