2Sick Pawn

Im not to sure where this would fall at to post so ill put it in general.

I bought my self the 2Sick Pawn for christmas. I love plastic throws. Something about them feels so original. Anyways iv got the Replay Pro, Skyva, Protostar, Day Dream and a few others. But man nothing plays like this one IMO. The clear body and teal cap looks so good. Especialy outside. Its such a good yoyo. Does anyone else have one? What do yall think about it?

I love it. My favorite plastic by far.

I got my Pawn last week, best plastic of the year, no question!
Neck & neck with the Cabal IMHO…

I got a Pawn, a Skyva and the new Speedaholic in recent days. The Pawn has proven to be easily the best of the three, in my opinion. It hasn’t dislodged any of my favorite plastics, but it feels like a solid entry to the ever-growing list of killer plastics. I think the Skyva I got may have been a dud, but it was a gift so there’s nothing that can be done about that. The new Speedaholic feels like a modest improvement for most people over the original with a new bearing and the design tweaks, though I might still prefer the original.

I will now go to the shop and purchase mine. Thanks for leaving me no other choice lol

Thank you for the positive remarks! Nothing better then hearing good things about the product I make.