which one???

okay,if i get good res for my exams,i can get a yoyo with a budget of $130

Do me a favor and look at the review’s on all of these yoyo’s. Then decide for yourself. We have no idea of your taste in yoyo’s and only you do. This means you should be the one picking it out. They are all great yoyo’s so thats not an issue. Just pick the one you think you’ll like and you probably will like it.


Okay i like undersized yoyos which fit in my hand properly, i like smooth and long spin time yoyos. sometimes i like sharp edge yoyos

dv888 is what i heard gr8 small fits great smooth… and is only like $64.99

By what you said one yoyo popped in my head, Noctu, i would look at reviews and see if it fits your needs.

Any reason why those are the only choices??

im planning on getting a c13 because its small but does anyone have a c13. and can u tell me how good it is