Which one?

I own a quake and love it, it is my favorite yoyo as of right now, but i have heard good things about some of the other yoyos I am considering. I would like to see what you all think. Thanks for your time and have a good day.(if this is in the wrong section can you please transfer it to the correct one?)


Chief and Summit are HIGHLY recommended throws. From your list I would go with the Summit, however I have herd great things about the Triton.

You have like 5 code 2’s erik!

Just sell/trade one for a Summit if you want one…

I like the summit because

1 smooth spinning
2 good price
3 made by 2 great companies
4 great in 1a 5a and ok in 3a
5 more durable than regular metal yoyos

I prefer the summit and recommend it!

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I ilike my code 2’s and i am not getting rid of any of them ;D i only have 2 now btw ;D

How is it more durable?

yeah in which way is the summit more durable?

people like to say that because of the side effect system which allows you to replace that part if it ever strips but as long as you’re not cranking on it there won’t be a problem.


thanks for all of the reccomendations I will be stopping this poll by the 1st of december. once again thank you all for helping so far

What about a Format:C? I thought you wanted one

This is true. One thing you forgot to mention is that side effects can totally change the way a throw feels, so you can modify the weight which is a plus.

thanks does anyone know if it plays anything like a code 2 or a quake?