Side Effect Throws

Hey everyone, I’m sure you’re all sick of these threads and I apologize in advance but I’ve really wanted to try a side effect throw for quite a while and I have a few in mind that interest me: The summit, code 1, and 54. I was wondering what your thoughts are on these. My preferences tend to be mid to full sized throws (oversize is fine but not gigantic), weight doesn’t really matter because that’s what side effects are for right? I love my avalanche which makes me lean towards the summit, but I’m not sure if it’s really worthwhile to get two throws that are that similar in shape. I’ve tried all of them except the summit and have really enjoyed them but I just wondered what “extended time” opinions there were on these. Thanks in advance!

i havent played any of the ones you mentioned, but i would go for the summit. :slight_smile:

I have played all of those throws and (in my opinion) the Summit is hands down the best.  If you like your Avalanche you will love the Summit.  It may have some Avalanche aspects to its design but it truly does play like its own unique entity.  If you haven’t read the highspeedyoyo review check it out:

Bottom line, you won’t go wrong with any of them, but the Summit really is more than just hype, it’s a ridiculously fun yoyo.  Obviously if you want to experience side effects you may want to purchase another set to swap out.  I prefer my Summit with spikes, but again that is just my preference.

The Summit is way different than the Avalanche. Yes it looks like it but they do not play alike at all. You also might want to consider the Cascade. The Cascade is mid sized and just a ton of fun to play. For that matter the CODE2 is another excellent choice… HEHE Just go with the one you are feeling in your gut…

It’s really all a matter of preference. I love the CODE1, it’s my favourite throw. Summit is fantastic and I’m not much of a fan of the 54 which has more of a classic shape.

Another throw worth considering is the Toxic HazMat which is on par with anything OneDrop has put out but doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves.

Thanks for the love n8dogg, always brings a smile when someone links one of my reviews. :slight_smile:

Purely from a play standpoint, the Summit is the tops of the ones you mentioned. I have it and a Comeback Avalanche, both are great but they play worlds different. Currently the Summit is my everyday carry and I am working to procure a second one for my desk at work… which says something since I rarely double up on throws.

Now the 54 is a unique choice and one you might want to pick up as well, either first or after you get a Summit. The 54 was the first Side Effect yoyo released and has a light base weight (base weight is just the two halves, response pad, and bearing). That being the case it is the perfect model to show off the difference in weight when you shift from one set of Side Effect to another.

I could not agree more. The Hazmat is spectacular and sorely underrated.

Wow thanks for all the opinions! I had forgotten about the Cascade, it looked really interesting. The Code 2 wasn’t my cup of tea but thanks for all the suggestions! I’ll take a look at the Hazmat as well but from the looks of it the summit seems to be the best choice followed by the 54, etc.? Thanks again this will help a lot in the decision process I’m sure!

The summit is a great choice. HOWEVER because it is a little heavier than most side effect Yoyos, experimenting with differently weighted side effects might not be as fun/ practical. I would say that the summit is the best player, but If you are really interested in side effects, maybe a yelets or something is a better choice.

I personally don’t really care for side effects, because they add as ton of center weight, and require a large amount of fine-tuning to make them smooth.

You could also try an Eternal Throw Victory.


I have never had a problem with smoothness. I just plug ang throw. All of my SE throws are butter smoot.

I have that exact same problem with all my side effect yoyos: smooth as glass!!! Any vibe or wobble is due to my throw being off a bit.

I’m a fan of the side effects because of the unique options it provides. For the most part though, I’ve completely agreed with One Drop’s default/stock selection in their yoyos, along with my Eternal Throw Victory.

I only have one SE yoyo, a banged-up Code 2… two different side effects for it. Both sets of SEs combined with that beater of a Code 2 still produce incredibly smooth spins.