Side Effects for Summit


I was wondering what Side Effects do y’all generally like on the summit. I am looking to try some new ones, so feel free to explain why also. Thanks in advance. :smiley:


they change the center weight to give you a different feel when play is happening heavier has some advantages and so does lighter, but specifically i am not versed enough to really offer anything indepth, i hope some of the other more informed folks can answer so i can get a better understanding as well!


Sorry if I wasn’t clear,I wasn’t asking what Side Effects do, I was asking which ones you like to use on the Summit.


I’ve only tried it with spikes and ultra lights…and I would say I like the spikes a little more. I’ve also heard that domes are good on the summit.


Apparently it plays really solid, even with Ultralights…


Yes it does. I feel that the heavier the side effect, the less solid it plays.


Really? So what your saying is that, let’s say, brass spikes, would make it floaty?


Domes work really well for me. They give it the perfect weight, with enough weight and stability to give you long spin times, and still come right back to the hand.

Spikes work really well, too. Especially if you’re looking for something slightly heavier than the Domes.


I play mine primarily with the stock Ultra Lights but I also love the little extra “oomph” that stepping up to aluminum spikes give it. For my preferences, anything past aluminum spikes bogs it down. Then again, those are just my preferences, I have seen people who play it with brass and love it.


Well I don’t know about THAT but I mean like the difference between spikes and ultra lights…


So I am hearing spikes and domes tend to be a good combo with the Summit. I will probably get the domes just because they ran out of blue spikes. Thanks to everyone who commented. :slight_smile:


Currently running mine with ULs. I usually throw ULs into every SE throw I’ve owned.

But sometimes I like tossing the Anti-Yo Heart SEs into it. Makes it feel like a boulder.


I’m kind of liking the Brass UL in it (thanks Paul D!).


I like large discs. I just love the way it plays with them.


Before even going on the forums to see what people preferred, I changed the UL’s to black Spikes and I love it that way.


I use the Aluminum Ultralights. I usually prefer light throws, and the UL’s are as light as it gets. That’s basically my setup for most SE throws, bar a couple.


I like the ultras on the Summit, it’s heavy enough on its own IMO.


I use BRASS spikes


Agreed brass spikes are my number one followed by code ones.