Side Effects for the Summit

Just picked up a CLYW/OD Summit. I got it with spikes, are there any other recommendations for side effects for the summit? Also color recommendations for this color way: not sure what it’s called.

ultralights for fast play, spikes for slower chill out sesh’s. I preferred spikes almost always with mine,

Summits typically come with the lightest side effects, ultralights, making it 66g, which is a pretty average weight, any other side effects would put it on the heavier side. I personally think it’s best with the ULs, but even then I wouldn’t say it’s a speedy yoyo. It can go fast if you push it by I think it’s more medium-slower paced in general, which is fine.

Domes seem to make yoyos really zippy and “floaty” to me.

I’m more of a slower player, kind of zach Gormley-ish.