Do you have to play the Summit with side effects, or can you use none?


The base weight without the ultralites says 64.2g and I was wondering if this was the lightest weight in play, or if you have to use some form of side effects (the ultralites giving a weight of 66.7g)?


Without side effects there isnt an axle. Just two big holes


normally, summits come with ultralights already installed. So the weight of the summit is a bit heavier than the weight you listed without them.
As for playing without Side effects, Im pretty sure you can. I cant think of any reason as to why you shouldnt be able to. So try it out and see. If you feel a bit of vibe, then put the ultralights back in.


Yes, you must use Side Effects. Without them, there is no axle system, although I assume you can perform some intensive mods making it so you don’t have to use Side Effects.

You have to use Side Effects. Without them, there is no axle system, and without an axle system, there is not a playable yoyo. You will not be able to feel vibe, because you won’t be able to throw the yoyo.

To the OP, don’t listen to this. You won’t be able to use your yoyo without the Side Effects.


Thank you all for your helpful replies. It means that the yoyo plays as 66.7g in effect (as it comes its ultralites).

Got my Avalanche, JP Irony, Badass v2 Majesty and it is now a toss up between the chief and summit for my next. I like the weight if the new Avalanche and its quick speed and feathery feel, but the spin times of my N12 yoyos and my Majesty exceed the Avalanche’s by quite a distance, so I might go for a Chief, if I can find a light one, failing which, a Summit…