which one?

So Since i sold my legacy i need another good yoyo so my prefrences are:

  1. Size: i like small and medium

  2. shape: any shape is good

  3. Response: hybrid and o-ring

  4. Maintain it

  5. Any color

  6. Whips, slacks, grinds, thumb Grinds

  7. 15 dollars

  8. Advance/expert
    Any help would be appreciated


Out of those, the Kickside is definitely the best thumb grinder. So I say Kickside!

Lyn Fury fits your preference a bit. Ever think of going with a different company? For about 10 dollars more you can get the PGM. :wink:

yea but im on a budget cuz my dads paying and he doesnt wanna waste to much

a quick question does the starburst make a sound while it is spinning?
if i put and orange silicone o-ring in it is a good unresponsive yoyo?

A Kickside, no, it does not make a sound. The response overall, Hybrid, does a tiny bit, but you’ll never hear it. You can buy 2 or see if Andre can have one of full starburst, or full o-ring, but no.

Yes, it can be un-responsive with silicone/silicone o-ring. Good choice! But, the yoyos aren’t just made for grinding, ad a couple tricks for a whole yoyo, no, expand your horizons. If you want to keep it stock, just put shims in it.

Good luck!