Which one professional yo-yoer who doesn't use this forum that you wish did?

Mine would be the Goddess Almighty, Ann Connolly

Noel Kunz… great guy i would love for him to be on this forum… he could do so much.

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Any high level Japanese player or masters.
We rarely see yoyoing from their perspective, I would love to learn why they are so competitive over there.


Wolf from Taiwan

Nehemiah Peterson because of these masterpieces…

For me that would be Takeshi Matsuura and Iori Yamaki. That would be awesome

If only Zach Gormley could be giving input here…


Patrick borgerding. And shu Takada.

Jensen or Charles of course.


Someone from back in the day, either Boyd or Alex Berenguel.

Jensen or Charles Yup

Fear not guys, I’m back

Definately Piotrek. The filmography advice that one could get off that man would be invaluable. :slight_smile:

(I am aware of his post on yoyonews, but it’d be cool to be able to ask him questions one-on-one.)

Kenny Strasser ;D


i would also like to see someone who created an entire style of yoyoing, and with about ~20 years of experience on here. especially someone who works with CLYW…

probably never going to happen tho…

Ummm like Steve Brown?Lol.

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Nah. That guy sucks.

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