Which one next?

So my line up for next purchases are a Code 2 (wasteland edition :o), Ronin, and possibly a Primo

I really love my boss but I wanted something a little bigger, I recently picked up a 2012 genesis and I like it but I kind of like the “feeling” (not really sure how to describe it) of the boss on the string compared to the genesis is there anything else that may come close to this “feeling” in a more full sized throw?

I know it may seem vague but I’m not really sure how to describe what I’m looking for as I’m pretty new still and figuring out what I like , also if anyone is selling a Ronin or Primo (Preferably groove finished and not pink) and will be at BAC send me a PM :stuck_out_tongue:

I will be at BAC. Along with doing sound, I’ll have my yoyos with me. You can try my Ronin if you want, but it’s not for sale or trade(nor is any of the collection). I should have a Code2 by then, I think it finally went in the mail a day or two again).

You try lots of other stuff while you’re drooling over the choices in my cases.

Will probably take you up on that offer if we bump into each other but my girlfriend has actually been drooling over the ronin more than me :-X she might push me out of the way and give it a throw herself

The offer remains valid either way.

I’ll either be wearing a Studio42 shirt or a YoYoCommunity shirt. And again, I’ll be at the big sound desk.

Note to others:
The offer STILL remains valid!