Need Help Deciding

I have 250$ to spend on yoyos! :slight_smile:
I really don’t know what to get. I am waiting for the second release of the arctic circle, because I don’t like the current colorways. I want to try a one drop code 2. I have a Chief, Canvas, Marmot, Avalanche, and 888.11. Should I get a peak off the bst. Or should I get a TP Positron. Or maybe you have a better idea and just tell me. If you have Titanium throws and willing to sell PM me.

Cut to the chase, if I were u…Code 2 all the way!


2nd Run Peaks can be inconsistent. I have 2. One plays like a spinning rock, the other is a nice buttery-smooth work of spinning art(literally). However, most people will say so in their BST how they feel it plays.

As far as $200 throws, I don’t see anyhting that is a shape that appeals to me.

Get a Code 2. Buy extra side effects. Enjoy!