Which one is better with a konkave bearing 888x or Genesis?


Which one is better with a ceramic konkave bearing guys? 888x(not 888.888x) or Genesis?(With crazy string tricks, spin time etc.)

And sorry for the bad,wrong language :frowning: Im still learning english :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks to all…


Neither. Ceramics really aren’t that different from a regular KK. But the 888x is a lot more stable with a KK.


And which yo-yo do you reccomend? And ı thought ceramic KK’s spin time is more than a regular KK?


It dosen’t increase the spin time that much at all, less than 10 seconds and if you just spin the bearing then it is like 2 seconds longer than the regular kk.

I would definitly recomend the genesis over the 888x, much longer spin times and alot more stable. It is an all around great throw.

I use center tracs in my yoyos, give you a flat area to play on and it just keeps the string away from the sides but dosen’t bunch it up, and they are actually very nice bearings-long lasting and very well made, in my opinion and through experience with other bearins.


Well,should ı buy a regular KK bearing an a Genesis? Is that enough? For all those crazy string tricks,slacks,whips? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


Stick with the stock bearing.

Really, the only way to know is to try though.

I like the Terrapin X Wing-Cut because they play like flat bearing with the benefit of the concave to help keep the string centered.

Other than that, I figure the company that makes the yoyo knows better than I do what should go in there. If the feel a center track, koncave or whatever is what I should be using in there, I lack the knowledge and skill to argue with them. But it does comes down to preferences. I recommend people have a set of spare bearings for trial purposes.


A long time ago I bought a bunch of ceramic bearings… I believe it was like 4 of them for 10 bucks?

Over time, I noticed something… Ceramics gave no aid to play whatsoever. No improvement in spintime at all, maybe against a stock steel yyj bearing, but not from a kk, 10ball, etc… but that’s all highly debatable.
What I did notice was that I never once had to do any maintenance on them. They never locked up either. Steel bearings on the other hand locked up on me quite often. Do note that I used run my bearings completely dry… I now apply some lube to dampen the noise, then chuck it on a drill to ‘break it in’. Ceramics… I still run dry, as nothing’s gone wrong with them. They are also very quiet as well !
It could’ve been because I bought the bearings from another source (It wasn’t a yoyo related store), who knows.

TL;DR : In my experience ceramics offer no benefits to play, they just last much longer than your average bearing.


It was decided. I’m getting genesis and normal concave bearing. And you are really hard to understand guys for me :D. Thanks for comments.