Koncave ceramic bearing

I am looking into getting a new bearing. I saw these koncave ceramic bearings and was curious. I have a dark magic with a regular koncave bearing. Is the koncave ceramic worth the money or should I stick with my current bearing or should I purchase a different brand/kind of bearing? I like to do very long string tricks. I need something that is great for string play and very very long spin time.

A ceramic konkave bearing would be a good choice, but if you have a KK nd you like the spin time, I would say you don’t really need the CKK.

I have heard it is a great bearing, but that despite that it is twice the price of a KK, it doesnt deliver twice the play. So, if you still want long combos and such, I would recommend the One-Drop 10ball bearing. It is a great bearing, and is only 1/3rd of the price, so thats also very good. Also, if you really need that groove, then you ca stick with the KK, if it spins long enough.

I havent tried the CKK yet, but still, a 10ball would be great. It takes a while to break in, but after doing so, it gives long reliable spins, unincredibly smoothness, and greatness overall. However, if money isnt a problem, and you can spend as much as you want go with the CKK.