Ceramic or Steel KK?

Ok. I was wondering if there is any big difference between a ceramic and a steel KK bearing?

The ceramic spins a lot longer.

Well, the ceramic might last a bit longer, and it should spin longer too.But think, is the ceramic KK really worth $30? If you have it and want to spend it, buy it, but if not, I don’t think you should make a huge deal out of a bearing.

Will the question is since the steel konkave is $15 and the the ceramik is $30 does the ceramic play 2 times better? I tried my friends and I think its better but doesn’t play 2 times better then the steel, like if the bearing spun for 1 minute the ceramic wont spin for 2 minutes if you throw exactly the same, maybe just a couple second improvement. If you ask me you should get a 10 ball