difference between $14 KonKave and $30 (Ceremic) KonKave

what is the difference?
between the two KonKaves?

They are the same, except the balls in the ckk are made of ceramic. That’s smoother than steel i suppose. Don’t lube or clean it, the lube/fluids will destroy the balls in the bearing, and ruin it.

It does spin longer than the steel kk though.

Ceramic is lighter than steel, and is able to maintain its momentum. It is also a harder material.

Ceramic is LESS SUSCEPTIBLE to corrosion. Cleaning this bearing WILL NOT hurt it.

I have cleaned this bearing with mineral spirits with 100% positive results.

Go take a look at bearing manufacturer’s websites, read up about the different materials for yourself, too. Not specifically yoyo bearings, all bearing manufacturers are playing with new materials and designs.

Bolth have a concaved face and bolth are made of steel but the balls are differnt. Ciramic to be infact. If you clean a CKK IT WILL NOT RUIN IT! Who ever says it will has not ever cleand it. You can even read up on it at yoyonation. ciramic lasts way longer and spins longer. people say there not worth 30 bucks but I think they are. hear is yoyonations page for them http://www.yoyonation.com/product.php?productid=16302&cat=259&page=1

Keep it spinning™

the cerammic also lasts WAY longer

Oh haha i never cleaned a ckk :o

Yeah, but it doesnt mean it will kill it