Ceramic Konkave

Ok so i have been thinking about getting a ceramic konkave for my dark magic and i was wondering if its really worth it? I mean $30.00 for a bearing.


I’d say if you really want it, it’s worth it. But think about some cheaper, still great playing options.

One-Drop 10 Balls, Taka Golds, regular KK, flat ceramic, AIRG, so yeah there’s a lot of choices.

i use a ceramic konkave in my genesis and i must say that it is much nicer than my flat bearing but a regular konkave is just as nice

Take off taka golds lol, They are excellent at first, but after 2 weeks of play mine was shot.

i have a normal kk also i had a flat ceramic but the string always went to one side and rubbed on the wall which slowed it down and it tilted to one side. So that didnt work.

Work on your throw.

Most consider the Ceramic Koncave not to be worth it, but some do, so it’s up to you. (Also, remember you could get, say, a PGM for the same price.)

not to sound like a noob or anything but whats a PGM?

Plastic Grind Machine.

My opinion is if you “need” a kk bearing then you “need” to work on your throw instead. The KK to me is worthless. Again that is my opinion.

The bearing is nice but you must remember that it is the player more than the yo yo doing the tricks but performance of your “instrument” is pivotal in just about anything. I use my kk as a way to keep a sleeper going longer(which it does imo) and if you want to get one it’s a matter of opinion. Just ask yourself if you REALLY need it. I didn’t get a kk till way after I had my first YYF plastic which was a pgm. I learned on a flat bearing and can throw just a straight with my pgm as I can my genesis. What it all comes down to is if you feel it is necessary to get a ceramic kk.

P.S. If you do get a ceramic kk make sure to keep the thin lube handy!

ok thanks guys yalls opions and info help alot and i really appreciate it.

Ps: and yes i know “yall” is a southern word and yes im from the south. LOL


Where is the south?

alabama, mississippi, florida, georgia, kentucky, tennesee, ect…

Not to be rude or anything but I agree. I can get my string centered pretty much every throw. I use AIGR bearing and they are by far my favorite.

I bought a ceramic konkave for my Dark Magic and it made it sleep the same time, but worse, it made it more responsive. I would go for the stainless steel.