KonKave Ceramic Bearing VS Center Trac Bearing


i recently brought the Center Trac Bearing and the KonKave Ceramic Bearing i tried both of them on the YYJ Atmosphere and Dark magic. I feel that they are both good to keep the string in the middle but sometime on the Center Trac Bearing the string slip out. As for performance the KonKave Ceramic Bearing spin much longer on first throw out of the box, the KonKave Ceramic Bearing i use on the Dark Magic proof to be superior to the Center Trac Bearing. In my opinion if you are on a budget you would want to get the Center Trac Bearing.


kk ftw imo

i usually play with stock bearings, but my spins are always considerably longer with the kk


i mean for the price it not that bad I don’t how much it cost in the UK is like 30 Buck and perform pretty well.


I have a protostar so it came with a center track. I love how it plays. It is much better than a flat bearing imo. I haven’t played with a kk so I can’t really say which I like more. :slight_smile:


It is true that KK’s are better but, I agree if you are on a budget get a Center Trac it is not as good but is better than the stock on most yoyos.


Goooo KK!! ;D I personally think people shouldn’t even invest in a center track(IMO). The konkave is the best of the best, especially when it;'s clean! I spun the bearing in the bearing seat and it spun for 32 seconds. ;D


to bad i can’t any more kk because if i want to get more of the kk bearing stat i have to drive like 8 hour north to a city call Chico. now i have to order then through YYE